Webinar: Year-end (and pre-Budget) tax planning

Planning before the end of the tax year is always an important area for the adviser to address with clients. This will hopefully enable the client to make the maximum use of the various exemptions, reliefs and tax allowances that can improve their financial wellbeing. Furthermore, this planning frequently dovetails nicely into financial products – be they investments, pensions or protection based.

This planning will be even more important this year because we have a Budget scheduled for 3 March 2021 which is widely expected to make important changes to the tax rules – some of which may become effective immediately.

Clients considering tax planning may therefore like to bring their planning forward so that it is implemented before the Budget.

This session will outline the various tax planning opportunities that exist in the run up to the tax year end and will highlight any relevant financial planning that should be considered before the 2021 Budget.