Webinar: Opening the door to business protection

With over a million businesses across the UK taking advantage of Government schemes to provide them with some breathing space from COVID-19, are we about to see a seismic change in how businesses perceive their financial resilience to be in light of the events from 2020.

Join Royal London’s session for practical ideas and guidance that will bring business protection opportunities to life within your existing client bank. Have you ever wondered how to turn personal protection clients into business protection clients? Well, this session aims to do help you do just that.

You’ll not only leave this session with a better understanding of the principles of why a business should think about business protection, and what the main types of protection involved can cover but you’ll also be able to position the importance of it with clients more effectively. 

By the end of this session you will be able to…

- Be able to describe the main type of business protection products available in the marketplace; why a business would set-up a particular type of protection policy and how the policy would be arranged

- Review your existing client bank and be able to identify potential business owners who could benefit from a conversation on business protection

- Identify client segments and once these clients are identified, know how to start the business protection conversation.

- Design a business menu solution with Royal London