Webinar: Opportunities for success in 2021 – the importance of client relationships

Coventry Building Society’s session will focus on the importance of long term customer relationships.

They will give an overview of current Mortgage industry data, focussing on recent trends towards a refinance market and how intermediaries continue to prosper. 

The session will also cover the potential impact of the Mortgage Market Study on intermediaries and how closer relationships with customers is likely to be key to broker success. 

The use of technology by intermediaries, lenders and new entrants has potential to change the way the market looks today as regulation and customer demands change.  It will become increasingly important that intermediaries understand what is available to help them acquire and retain customers, by improving the customer experience as disruptors look to change the market.

Coventry will also share some thoughts on the differentiators that could help promote the value of advice and the intermediaries important role in ensuring customers get access to advice and the best possible outcomes.

Learning Objectives :

- Understand the changing dynamic of the mortgage market

- Gain a greater understanding of the recent Mortgage Market Study and how this could impact traditional intermediaries

- As customer expectations change, learn about how this may impact the way consumers look for mortgage advice

- Differentiators – how considering more than just price and targeting certain customer types

- Understand the short and longer term opportunities and challenges for both asset classes

- Provide an overview of the current trends in both the US and UK Equities markets