Stamford Regional Conference Q1 2020

Stewardship, income & articulating the value of advice

Registration is now open for your Q1 2020 regional conference, offering a varied yet topical programme of business relevant professional development. Highlights include:

  • Articulating the value of advice;
  • ESG fundamentals and the meaning of Stewardship;  
  • Dissecting income for 2020 and beyond;
  • Protection fundamentals;
  • Active Minds – More than meets the eye: The transformation of Japan;
  • Does the economic cycle still work?

Attendance is complimentary for Personal Finance Society members and lunch and refreshments will be provided. Delegates will be eligible to claim up to 5 hours of CPD, should they consider the content relevant to their professional development needs.


08:45 - 09:30 Delegate Registration

09:30 - 09:40 Chair’s Welcome

Chairperson: Mark Hassall, Moneyology Limited

09:40 - 10:15 Does the economic cycle still work?

We’re all familiar with the traditional economic cycle – the expansion ups and the recession lows – but with the current expansionary period one of the longest in a century, there is understandably speculation that this “is no normal cycle”. We’ll start this presentation with an overview of how the economy grows, why cycles exist and what the typical signposts are along the way. With this in mind, we’ll be looking at a top-down, macroeconomic overview of the global economy and individual countries position in the cycle. We will establish the key issues that could blow the cycle off course, and what problems investors face when managing portfolios through this continuing period of uncertainty.


  • Understand how the traditional economic cycle works
  • Consider the main issues that are challenging the established cycle
  • Describe actions that can be taken to manage portfolios in uncertain times

Speaker: Paul Pugh, Legal & General Investment Management

10:15 - 10:50 Active Minds – More than meets the eye: The transformation of Japan

Many of the prevailing negative preconceptions about the characteristics of Japanese equities are based on incomplete or outdated information. Common negative preconceptions about Japan - that it is a proxy for global trade, doomed by demographics, with shareholder-unfriendly boards and beset by competition from Asia – only present one interpretation of a much larger story. Japan is an economy where services now far outweigh manufacturers; where demographic challenges are having hidden positive effects; where there is a genuine drive to improve corporate governance standards and a growing recognition of the value of supporting shareholder returns; and finally where innovation and technological know-how remain among the best in the world. Japan has a huge capacity to change. From the rise of service industries and a profit margin boom, to radical corporate governance change and a leading role in innovation, Japan is a transforming market that has far more going for it than meets the eye. Of course, there are risks, but by understanding some of the changes there are also opportunities. Notwithstanding the size of the Japanese market exceeding that of London, Europe and runner up to the combined Chinese financial markets and US markets, it is a market that investors should not ignore.


  • Explain the ways in which the Japanese economy has transformed its approach to corporate governance
  • Understand the transformational impact that demographics are having on Japanese manufacturing and workforce
  • Discuss the opportunities that are arising and how to take advantage of them

Speaker: Chris Johns, Jupiter Asset Management

10:50 - 10:55 Professional Qualifications Officer

10:55 - 11:20 Morning Break

11:20 - 11:25 Chartered Champion

11:25 - 12:00 How To Embrace ESG Into Your Investment Proposition

With a proposed regulatory requirement to offer a responsible investment approach arriving in 2020 and with every Investment Product Provider focusing on their own versions of the same, Square Mile will examine how to research the market on a like for like basis and illustrate how to build practical ESG solutions to meet your clients’ day to day needs. The presentation will also cover how best to navigate all of the associated jargon and deliver a clearly articulated message to your clients.


  • A full understanding of the terminology and jargon used in the management and marketing of 'responsible' funds
  • An understanding of the proposed regulatory approach
  • The ability to differentiate between and to select the relevant responsible funds to meet your clients' needs
  • The ability to construct portfolio solutions with a responsible approach to investing
  • The ability to clearly articulate your corporate approach and the messaging around investing responsibly

Speaker: John Lester, Square Mile

12:00 - 12:35 Dissecting income for 2020 and beyond

Since the financial crisis, investors have sought out certainty and shunned volatility. Assets with steady incomes and predictable outcomes have been prized above all. But this has created market distortions and from an inverted yield curve to high levels of corporate debt, we now live in a new world where many old rules of thumb no longer seem to work. Against a complex backdrop of global macro uncertainty and synchronised central bank policy easing, Fidelity will tackle the key issues currently shaping the landscape across traditional and alternative areas of the income universe. In particular, they will outline how income-seekers should look to balance duration and credit risk today, while also providing some practical tips to navigating an environment where corporate fundamentals point to a mixed outlook for dividends at home and abroad. As calls for fiscal stimulus grow louder, they will also discuss if inflation will finally return in 2020 and the resultant implications for income portfolios.


  • Recognise some of the key structural trends that have suppressed yields and the outlook for income-generating assets in 2020
  • Gain an insight into how to navigate an environment where the overall prospects for dividend growth appear more subdued
  • Understand the benefits that fixed income offers a diversified portfolio and how to effectively balance duration and credit risk in today’s environment

Speaker: Dennis Pellerito, Fidelity Investments Ltd

12:35 - 13:10 Dealing with Risk: From Clients, from Markets, from Investment Managers

Risk management is not always glamorous. To the naked eye, it doesn’t put money in the bank, yet get it wrong and the consequences can be far reaching. Following a decade long bull market, with record low unemployment and record low interest rates, risk must arguably be one of your highest priorities. Risk comes in many forms—from clients, from markets, from investment providers. We use this session to unpack “risk” in all its important forms. This is a blend of behavioural science and investment science, looking at the raw truth behind various investment strategies and the downside risks at play. You will walk away with a better appreciation for risk when it matters most—before you can see it. This is what isn’t priced in, which therefore has the greatest impact. By the end, this session will highlight risk management techniques that keep clients invested through thick and thin, plus tactics that can help future proof your practice.


  • Understand the breadth of risks you are exposed to, from market shocks to client responses
  • Appreciate some of the risk management techniques available to you
  • Recognise that risk management is a form of preparation—you must deal with it today to protect against future outcomes

Speaker: Dan Kemp, Morningstar Investment Management

13:10 - 13:15 Education Outreach Ambassador

13:15 - 13:55 Lunch

13:55 - 14:00 Membership Officer

14:00 - 14:35 ESG Fundamentals and the Meaning of Stewardship

In recent years, the term ESG has become a regular talking point in our profession. Several high-profile asset managers are now either creating or changing products to attract today’s conscious investor. Join Sarasin & Partners as we explore the evolution of this term, considering its origin and development through time. Should all asset managers incorporate ESG screening within their investment process? Sarasin & Partners believes so. We will identify the role asset managers should play as stewards of client money, highlighting the sustainable investment themes of tomorrow, the principles of active ownership, and the potential of engagement with governments and public bodies to shape the key issues impacting society.


  • Understand the evolution of ESG and its involvement in investing today
  • Learn how ESG risks can be incorporated into company valuation mechanisms
  • Identifying the role asset managers should play as Stewards of client money

Speaker: Christopher Cade, Sarasin & Partners

14:35 - 15:10 How to articulate the value of advice

Smart consumers invest in financial planning and professional investment advice. Clients love their advisers when they help them achieve their goals and when the markets perform. They rarely challenge fees when they see positive results and over the last decade, both advisers and clients have enjoyed positive stock market performance. Personal financial advice customised to the individual client’s needs is essential. However. this message can easily be forgotten by clients in times of a bear market. This session will equip you with a specific presentation to address this concern. You will leave this fast-paced, interactive talk knowing how to demonstrate the value financial advice brings, reassuring your clients and helping maintain a positive relationship even in challenging times. Bernie will help you articulate the value that advice provides for when you may need it most.


  • The words and phrases to use so advisers can articulate value more easily.
  • How to maintain confidence with clients if fees are challenged.
  • Suitable language suggestions to articulate the value advisers provide, with practical examples.
  • New opportunities and how to get new clients using the exact words.

Speaker: Bernie De Souza, Executive Business Coach

15:10 - 15:20 Coffee grab

15:20 - 15:55 Designing a Protection Portfolio

  • Have an awareness of the current state of the protection market and the opportunities that come with proper financial advice
  • Be able to profile protection risks and probability to your clients
  • Understand how to position and help your clients prioritise their protection needs and objectives as part of your fact finding discussions
  • Have some ideas about how to ask the right questions to position protection features and benefits to help you build a tailored solution
  • Understand how to design a sophisticated Protection Portfolio which serves to address multiple client protection needs and objectives

Speaker: Gregor Sked, Royal London

15:55 - 16:00 Chair's Close


CPD CII Scheme
SMP Accredited 4h 40min

This event has been accredited by the Personal Finance Society and the CII and can be included as part of your CII CPD requirement should you consider it relevant to your professional development needs.


Mark Hassall

Moneyology Limited

Paul Pugh

Legal & General Investment Management

Chris Johns

Jupiter Asset Management

Christopher Cade

Sarasin & Partners

Dennis Pellerito

Fidelity Investments Ltd

Dan Kemp


Gregor Sked

Royal London

Bernie De Souza

Executive Business Coach

John Lester

Square Mile


Kingsgate Conference Centre

2 Staplee Way

Partners in professionalism


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