Futureproof: Safeguarding your clients and your business

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With the constant changes in legislation within the personal finance sector it can often feel like we are running just to stand still. But as our profession evolves as a more respected and trusted professional service there are steps we all need to be taking that require longer-term thought and planning.
Futureproofing is the focus for the Personal Finance Society’s 2019 Annual Conference, providing insights and guidance to individuals and firms to help you thrive in an unpredictable and ever changing world.

Futureproof will be a full day, multi-stream event, focusing on the key areas of:

Professional development – Helping you become the best you can be, whether it’s boosting your emotional intelligence, becoming Chartered or understanding the benefits to your business of a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Knowledge – Pension freedoms coupled with a rapidly ageing population have placed renewed emphasis on planning for later life. Make sure your core knowledge is up to date on long term care, trusts, retirement and inheritance planning.

Skills – Our Power of financial planning stream will be delivered by leading practitioners, and include sessions on goal-based value-added planning, cashflow modelling, coaching and loving your clients to death.  

Business growth – Join us for a marketing masterclass and learn how you can create a brand that is worth more than the sum of its parts. Understand how to grow through acquisition or even look ahead by starting to plan your exit strategy.

Technology – Embracing new technologies is fundamental to growing business efficiencies, improving client service and driving profitability. Make sure technology is taking the strain for your business so you can focus your time doing what you’re best at.

Regulation – Whether it’s life under the senior managers regime or surviving the next thematic review we’ll consider the future for financial conduct regulation and the steps firms can take to help futureproof their compliance.

The day will conclude with a dinner reception and the Personal Finance Awards 2019/2020 - more information is available here.

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The payment of this fee allows the payer to attend the conference and gives the payer membership of the Personal Finance Society for the following calendar year. This does not allow use of designation levels above the relevant level of their current qualifications. Please note that you can also opt to join the Personal Finance Society via the website and then apply to attend the conference as a PFS member.
This fee also entitles payer to register their interest in attending the dinner but a dinner place is not guaranteed.
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CPD Hours
CPD hours are to be finalised but are expected to be 5 hours 20 minutes



08:10 - 09:00 The importance of working with vulnerable clients

Is a client vulnerable? At first glance this appears to be a fairly straight forward question to answer, and there should already be an existing approach in place for helping individuals that are assessed as vulnerable. A common misconception is that a vulnerable client is simply someone experiencing the frailties that often occur with advanced ageing. Throughout this session you will discover this is not always the case. Vulnerability is a complex area. This session aims to summarise some of the key indicators of vulnerability. It also highlights some of the risks and benefits of working with vulnerable clients, and ways of supporting them effectively. It might also prompt a review of existing approaches towards client interaction and changes to processes. Just will also show you how to access valuable online training material and the importance of working with other organisations, such as Dementia Friends.

  • Outline FCA research and publications about vulnerable consumers 
  • Consider the issues that arise when consumers find themselves in vulnerable circumstances
  • Identify what changes to policy and process might need to be made when working with vulnerable consumers

Speaker: Martin Lines, JUST

08:10 - 09:00 A year of mixed signals

While investors have been rewarded for simply being exposed to markets in recent years, 2019 has been full of mixed signals. Investors will require an even more discerning eye and the ability to draw from a sophisticated toolkit to both protect capital and deliver returns. We believe flexibility is key here, and skilled active managers who have wide parameters in which to make decisions are likely to be best placed to cope with the changing market conditions.

  • Fidelity will provide an insight into the backdrop of markets that investors currently face.
  • Can we ‘future proof’ our clients’ portfolios against what we may come up again in markets.
  • Looking ahead into 2020, what can we expect and which asset classes should stand our clients in good stead.

Speaker: Paul Nash, Fidelity International Chairperson: Hazel Bowen, Coutts

08:10 - 09:00 L'Angleterre est une nation de boutiquiers - Business Protection

Napoleon famously described the English as ”A Nation of shopkeepers” in an attempt to dismiss England's preparedness for war, The UK’s SME landscape is certainly not just made up of shopkeepers, However, we are a nation of successful entrepreneurs and small businesses, but are these businesses prepared for the struggle and financial pain that could hit them in the event of the death or serious illness of an owner or key employee? Legal and General’s latest “State of the Nations SME’s” research suggests that the majority don’t have adequate protection provision to cover their outstanding debts, loss of profits or to buy shares if an owner or key employee becomes too sick to work or dies. In this session we will look at the Business protection market asking why it appears to be undervalued, why awareness of business protection is low and consider if it is a growth opportunity missed or one for advisers to rediscover.

  • Understand the makeup of UK SME Landscape and the financial risks they face.
  • Identify ways to highlight areas of client risk and engage professional connections in the process.
  • Review current understanding and positioning of simple business protection solutions, considering tax treatment, trusts and the use of option agreements.

Speaker: Richard Kateley, Legal & General

08:10 - 09:00 Maximising the opportunities of being Chartered

Considering the benefits of being a Chartered Financial Planner from the clients' perspective as well as the enhanced professional outcomes for the Chartered individual and their firm.

  • Enhance your professional standing through qualifications
  • Benefit from your association with the Personal Finance Society
  • Develop new marketing strategies and professional connections
  • Access new client opportunities and enhancing service delivery
  • Increase your commercial worth committing to lifelong learning.

Speaker: Dennis Reed,

09:15 - 09:25 Chair's opening address

Speaker: Claer Barrett,

09:25 - 09:45 Welcome

Speaker: Keith Richards, Personal Finance Society

09:45 - 09:55 EFPA Vice President’s address

Speaker: Marta Gellová,

10:00 - 10:35 Planning for an exponential era

Speaker: Matthew Griffin, 311 Institute Chairperson: Claer Barrett,

10:45 - 11:20 DB Transfers - Achieving Good Client Outcomes

  • Why good client outcomes should be at the centre of transfer advice
  • Examples of good client outcomes from DB transfers
  • Why good client outcomes can be achieved despite the prescribed starting advice position
  • When will the maths and tax position be titled in the transfer favour?
  • Investment return targets and how they can be achieved with higher certainty

Speaker: James Baxter, Tideway Investment Partners Chairperson: Claer Barrett,

11:55 - 12:30 The Professional Firm - You have professional advisers and staff but is your firm professional too?

You have professional advisers and staff but is your firm professional too? The RDR brought in additional qualifications to help enhance the professionalism of advisers in the sector, and great strides have been taken in this respect. Is it time now to focus on professionalism at a firm level? In this session Rory will explore what it means to be a professional firm.

  • Consider a possible definition of a professional firm 
  • Consider good practice examples
  • Review your own approach 

Speaker: Rory Percival, 23 College Road Chairperson: Claer Barrett,

12:40 - 13:00 Delivering Advice Alpha

A summary of the latest developments in tax and tax planning taking due account of the latest position in relation to Brexit and Government policy. Effective advice and tax planning strategies (explained through scenarios and mini case studies) for key client types (Grandparents, Parents, Investors, estate planner and business owners) that, deployed effectively, will deliver Advice Alpha. How Techlink Professional can contribute to the delivery of Advice Alpha.

  • The latest developments in tax and tax planning
  • Tax effective accumulation
  • Tax effective drawdown
  • Corporate investment
  • Estate planning strategies for those with cash and investment and a desire for control and/or access
  • How to embed protection into the wealth and SME planning process
  • How to use Techlink Professional to help you to deliver Tax Alpha.

Speaker: Tony Wickendem, Techlink Professional Chairperson: Claer Barrett,

14:40 - 15:15 Reguatory Update / SMCR

Speaker: Debbie Gupta, FCA Chairperson: Claer Barrett,

15:25 - 16:00 Lump Sum IHT Plans. 10 year periodic charges and general planning – An Update

It is now 13 years since we experienced a complete change in the way the IHT rules apply to trusts. In particular, all lifetime trusts (other than bare and disabled trusts) are now subject to the relevant property regime. In turn, this means that a good number of lump sum IHT plans will potentially be subject to the ten-year periodic charge and exit charge. Furthermore, the inheritance tax DOTAS rules have recently changed and the grandfathering rule removed. This session will provide an overview of the main advantages and disadvantages of lump sum IHT plans. It will also look at some of the complexities that can arise when these popular lump sum IHT plans are taxed under the relevant property regime and consider how they fare under the new DOTAS rules. Consideration will also be given to the tax problems that can arise on the untimely death of the settlor and ways in which the tax on chargeable event gains can be reduced if the underlying investment bond is to be encashed. The schemes that will be examined are: - Discounted Gift Trusts (DGTs); - Loan Trusts; and - Reversionary Interest Trusts (RITs)

  • An overview of the client benefits for each scheme
  • Why DGTs/Loan trusts and RITs work for IHT
    - Gifts with reservation
    -  POAT
  • DGTs – Bare trusts and discretionary trusts – do’s and don’ts
  • Practical issues with DGTs/Loan trusts and RITs
    -    Spending “income”
    -    Trust reinvestment
    -    Dealing with the investment after the settlor’s death
    -    Encashment of the investment after the death of the settlor 
  • The impact of the relevant property charging regime – calculating values at the ten-year anniversary 
  • The impact of DOTAS

Speaker: John Woolley, Chairperson: Claer Barrett,

16:10 - 16:45 Pensions, politics and financial advice

Join Steve Webb for an exciting pensions breakout session at this year’s Personal Finance Society National Conference. This exclusive session will look at how the UK pensions landscape could evolve as the political environment changes’

Speaker: Sir Steve Webb, Royal London Chairperson: Claer Barrett,

10:45 - 11:20 Futureproof your relationships

  • what amazing service feels like for clients; 
  • how the team contribute to the overall service; 
  • the differences with proactive versus reactive service; 
  • how to convince clients we are acting in their best interests; and
  • what level of service is required to turn a client from an advocate into an ambassador

Speaker: Gemma Siddle, Eldon Financial Planning Ltd Chairperson: Kev Forbes, Strategic Solutions

11:55 - 12:30 A better client experience

Your client portal is by definition is an extension of your client relationship and experience….and giving your clients something that solves their problems is the key to getting them to use it. Learn how to engage and excite your clients using a client portal… Everything in one place, organised.

  • Understand the purpose of a client portal.
  • Identify the key processes that can be digitised effectively.
  • Understand implementation considerations.
  • Learn effective adoption techniques.

Speaker: Tessa Lee, moneyinfo limited Chairperson: Kev Forbes, Strategic Solutions

12:40 - 13:30 Emotional Intelligence - the key for client engagement

Emotional Intelligence combines thinking and feeling to allow you to build authentic relationships and make smart, effective decisions without allowing your emotions to get in the way. Emotional Intelligence is becoming recognised as lucrative business discipline and a critical skill, vital for those to succeed in today’s ever-changing environment. By understanding how emotions and behaviours drive engagement with clients, emotional intelligence will help you to deliver better outcomes through more empathetic interactions. In this session, you will learn what emotional intelligence is, how emotions provide useful information and how to evaluate the emotional drives of people that you are engaging with so that you can persuade and influence them with greater impact. Aims To help delegates understand some of the fundamental principles behind emotional intelligence and how it can help to more effectively manage and influence key relationships and enhance client engagement.

  • Understand why emotional intelligence is so important
  • Recognise how emotional data shapes your professional behavioural responses
  • Explore the five key skills of emotional intelligence and their application in the work environment
  • Identify what you need to focus on as a financial services professional with the increasing threats from Artificial Intelligence
  • Determine the needs and psychology of the four behavioural styles that influence emotional decision making
  • Adapt your communication style to professionally engage with clients at a deeper level

Speaker: Kev Forbes, Strategic Solutions Speaker: Robin Hills, Ei4Change

13:30 - 14:10 Role Models in our United Profession

Come and join us for an informal thought-provoking discussion on what inclusion looks like covering a range of themes from women in our profession, to age bias and to LGBT+ especially in a workplace context. The informal discussion will be hosted by Tali Shlomo and Ruth Sturkey.

Speaker: Ruth Sturkey, Athena House Speaker: Tali Shlomo, Chartered Insurance Institute Chairperson: Elaine Henshaw , True Potential Wealth Management

14:40 - 15:15 Overcoming the Care Conundrum

Speaker: Graham Duffy , Just Chairperson: Elaine Henshaw , True Potential Wealth Management

15:25 - 16:00 Marketing your business and brand masterclass

Answering the question - What are the best ways in which an advisory business can attract and convert new clients? Jon will share success stories and failures! Discuss methods and tactics, and look at how digital innovation is helping firms win profitable new clients.

  • Be provided with a framework for delivering inbound marketing in their firm.
  • Have an understanding of the tools and resources available to them in relation to marketing activity.
  • Shown examples of ‘what good looks like’ in practice.
  • Be able to understand what activity and tactics will work best in their business.
  • Be able to assess the client experience in their firm and compare it to others.

Speaker: Jon Pittham, ClientsFirst Chairperson: Elaine Henshaw , True Potential Wealth Management

10:45 - 11:20 Battling Deflation – The Endgame

Inflation is a critical determinant of our asset allocation approach, which we call the Fire & Ice framework. Fire is a late cycle acceleration of inflation. It prompts central banks to tighten monetary policy, which slows inflation and we move into a Disinflation regime. If the tightening is too much a demand shock can cause us to fall into low and falling inflation, the Deflation / Ice regime. This prompts policymakers to loosen policy and stoke a recovery in inflation from low levels, and we are in Reflation. And so the cycle goes. Asset prices move in a somewhat consistent manner as inflation moves through this cycle. Fire is terrible for both equities and bonds. Disinflation is great for both. Bonds thrive in Ice while equities go down The opposite happens in Reflation. It is vital to identify which regime we are in. We are currently in Reflation – great for stocks, bad for bonds. Also, very good for IG and non-IG credit, and not bad for commodities. Most portfolios today are well positioned for this regime. However, if policymakers succeed in their 20 year battle against the Deflation / Ice regime, and we move into Inflation, the market consequences will wreak havoc on traditional 60/40 and risk parity funds. Both equities and bonds will fall in real terms and they will be positively correlated. Where to hide? Only real assets (real estate and commodities), TIPS and possibly some factor strategies will hedge portfolios. Most institutions do not have enough exposure to these inflation hedges. What to watch for signs that inflation is coming? We will outline our thoughts.

  • How can we shift tactical allocation tilts in different inflation regimes?
  • Where might inflation come from?
  • Which asset classes can allocators use to hedge against an acceleration in inflation?

Speaker: Ben Funnell, Man Group Chairperson: Kelvyn M Hatch, Acumen Investment Solutions Ltd

11:55 - 12:30 DFM contracts and due diligence

  • Understand the extent of your regulatory authorisation and how this impacts your DIM/DFM agreement
  • Determine whether a DIM/DFM is treating you or your client as their client (and the risk implications);
  • Understand the importance of a client agreement and the authority it gives the adviser
  • Be aware of Reliance on Others as an alternative arrangement to Agent As Client
  • Understand the potential consequences, for your business and your clients, of having an inappropriate agreement in place

Speaker: David Gurr, Chairperson: Hazel Bowen, Coutts

12:40 - 13:30 Cryptocurrencies, Cryptoassets and Cryptotokens – Scams or emerging opportunities ?

You have probably heard of Bitcoin and seen stories about how people have lost their life savings due to price volatility or through scams in this, currently, unregulated market. Globally, financial regulators are taking an increasing interest in cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets as they assess the risks to investors. Regulators have put in place guidance and recommendations but have not yet formally regulated cryptoassets. There is no doubt that this will happen and that then provides financial advisors the opportunity to recommend a new asset class into their client portfolios. This is an opportunity for attendees to learn about the risks, opportunities and tax considerations in order to better inform their clients and businesses.

  • Understand the current regulatory status of cryptoassets
  • Appreciate the difference between cryptocurrencies, cryptotokens and cryptoassets
  • Be aware of how cryptocurrencies are bought & sold
  • Gain insight into the (UK) tax treatment of cryptoassets

Speaker: Gary Nuttall, Distlytics Chairperson: Hazel Bowen, Coutts

14:40 - 15:15 Future proof your skills

  • Enable a coaching then planning then advice proposition across all life stages
  • How to make clients feel comfortable sharing intimate details of the dreams and finances
  • What skills are needed; how do we develop these skills; how do these skills sit alongside technical qualifications; how doe we hone and sharpen these skills on an ongoing basis

Speaker: Adrian Quick, HarperLees Financial Planning Chairperson: Hazel Bowen, Coutts

15:25 - 16:00 Negotiation for Financial Services Professionals

Negotiating can form a large part of our day and mistakes can be made easily which result in both value being left on the table and damaged relationships. This practical session is a chance to reflect on your negotiation skills and strategies. It will help you to negotiate with intelligence, flexibility and power – resulting in good outcomes and strong relationships.

  • Recognise 5 common negotiation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Prepare for negotiations so that you can negotiate with intelligence and flexibility
  • Deliver messages with confidence
  • Hold your ground when met with push back

Speaker: Fran Burgess, Zing365 Chairperson: Hazel Bowen, Coutts

16:10 - 16:45 Intergenerational Wealth – what can past experiences tell us about the future?

Using unique market insight through a number of engaging case studies, this session considers some of the more subjective and emotive aspects of intergenerational wealth transfer. * Finding a common language and addressing difficult conversations * Understanding what is ‘really’ important to families and the legacy that they want to leave * Exploring how the trusted adviser helps engage the whole family in a constructive and purposeful way.

  • What are the do’s and don’ts of the wealth transfer process
  • How to find a common language with your client and address difficult conversations
  • Understand how attitudes to money have changed through generations
  • How the trusted adviser status alters throughout the client journey.

Speaker: John Porteus , Charles Stanley Chairperson: Hazel Bowen, Coutts

10:45 - 11:20 The Power of Financial Planning - Future proof your proposition

  • how good financial planning can add value to good advice; 
  • the difference between a financial goal and a life goal; 
  • what clients really value from a long-term financial planning relationship; and 
  • where next for financial planning.

Speaker: Julie Lord, Magenta Financial Planning Chairperson: Robert Parker, Robert F Parker Financial Services

11:55 - 12:30 Cashflow modelling and planning; bringing money and your future to life - Future proof your client

  • what cash flow modelling gives financial planning clients; 
  • what information is needed from clients to bring a cash flow model to life; 
  • whether cashflow modelling is right for every client; and
  • how to really engage clients with their cashflow model.

Speaker: Dennis Hall, Ground Floor Chairperson: John Bruce, Bruce & Co Legal & Financial Ltd

12:40 - 13:30 Getting Paid What You’re Really, Really, Really Worth

Aim of The Seminar/Workshop To Help Senior Decision Makers Create A Business Which Naturally Attracts Higher Client Fees and Healthier Profits Audience Owners and decision makers within Financial and Wealth Management firms

  • To understand the 4 basic principles that drive higher fees in any service business
  • To know what factors, create higher value – from the consumer perspective
  • To know how – and when – to best articulate your service and fee structure
  • To be able to communicate Client Outcomes that increase both Advice and Ongoing Relationship fees

Speaker: David Scarlett, 47 Felbridge Close Chairperson: John Bruce, Bruce & Co Legal & Financial Ltd

14:40 - 15:15 Protection portfolio planning…how to de-risk your clients and your business

How do you risk profile your clients? Have you considered how that risk profile relates to their protection needs and their future income plans? LV= will look at how risk profiling and creating portfolios is just as important for your clients’ protection needs as it is when giving investment and pension advice. During the session we will discuss how to create a risk profile and create a protection portfolio within a fixed budget.

  • To be able to identify a client’s risk attitude towards protection and the available product choices
  • To demonstrate how to bring the benefits of income protection to life and identify a client’s needs through sales support tools
  • To understand how product flexibility can ensure clients are comprehensively protected

Speaker: Carl Heard, LV= Speaker: Justin Harper, LV= Chairperson: John Bruce, Bruce & Co Legal & Financial Ltd

10:45 - 11:20 Breaking up the (value) chain

The retail investment value chain consisting of asset managers, platforms, discretionary managers and advisers, is coming under increasing cost pressure. With a technology onslaught, regulatory headwinds and increasing investor, media and policy maker scrutiny, the value chain is breaking up right in front of our very eyes. Each part is having to justify its existence, but which bits will survive? Vertically integrated models are emerging, but will they stand the test of time? Forces are colliding and changing the face of the investment industry. What might this industry look like in five years and what’s an adviser to do?

  • How tech is transforming the retail investment value chain
  • Explore opportunities for planning firms to take the driving seat
  • How to digitise planning and improve client outcomes

Speaker: Abraham Okusanya, 39A Dewsgreen Chairperson: Carole Nicholls, Nicholls Stevens Financial Services

11:55 - 12:30 Pension Death benefits and IHT

Reviewing the issues and complexities of pension death benefits following the introduction of pension freedoms. In addition, reviewing the issues of transfers in serious ill health, including reporting and calculation of the transfer of value.

  • To understand the different death benefit available under pension schemes
  • To understand the lifetime allowance and tax implications of different death benefit options
  • To understand the impact a transfer in serious ill health may have on IHT liabilities of a member
  • To understand the calculation of the deemed transfer of value for death within two years of such a transf

Speaker: Claire Trott, Unit 1.1 East Chairperson: Carole Nicholls, Nicholls Stevens Financial Services

12:40 - 13:30 Environmental, social and governance (ESG) Fad or Future?

Moderator: Richard Romer-Lee, Co-founder and Managing Director, Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research Limited


• Gareth Davies, Head of Responsible Investment Solutions, Columbia Threadneedle Investments
• Belinda Gan, Investment Director, Global Sustainability, Schroders
• Paul LaCoursiere, Global Head of Corporate Research, Aviva Investors

The world and the industry is going ESG crazy. Or is it? Barely a day passes without news of asset managers embracing ESG through recruitment, their investment processes and product launches. What does ESG mean? What should advisers consider? And how will this help to deliver better outcomes for investors?

This session will seek to make clear what is being offered, its importance and relevance in today's world, how to engage clients and how to make sense of a rapidly evolving and changing market.

Part 1 - Define what is meant by ESG, responsible investing, impact investing.

Part 2 - Why is it important?

• From a financial perspective - returns and risk and better outcomes
• Demand from investors, regulators, government, businesses
• As stewards of capital
• How are your companies and the industry embracing it?
• Why should advisers embrace it?

Part 3 - How do people go about assessing and measuring ESG, sustainability, impact etc?

• What's the choice?
• Disclosure and the ability to understand and measure companies and funds
• Measuring Impact

Part 4 - Conclusion - Is this a Fad or the Future?

Speaker: Belinda Gan, Schroders Speaker: Iain Richards, Columbia Threadneedle Speaker: Paul LaCoursiere, Aviva Investors Speaker: Richard Romer-Lee, Square Mile Research

14:40 - 15:15 The future isn't coming - it's here

If only we knew what the future would look like. How do you build a business amidst the levels of uncertainty we’re facing; when the tactics you employed to get you where you are today may not work in the future? In an uncertain world it’s the underlying principles you’ve learned along the way that can serve you well. You’ve got the experience, you just need to apply it wisely. Change isn’t coming, it’s here. Join Brett Davidson, Founder of FP Advance, for a rapid-fire run through of what it will take for advice businesses to prosper in the next decade.

  • Understand the threats and opportunities for great advice businesses
  • Learn what the best advice businesses have known all along, and how to harness that knowledge for the future
  • Consider new approaches to existing challenges

Speaker: Brett Davidson, FP Advance Ltd Chairperson: Mark MacLean, HarperLees

15:25 - 16:00 Turning annual review meetings into annual planning meetings - Future proof your reviews

  • The purpose of an annual client meeting for the planner and for the clients
  • How to prepare for an annual planning meeting
  • How to build an agenda (the right balance between looking forward and back)
  • What the real value add is for clients

Speaker: Alasdair Walker, Hunter Aitkenhead & Walker Ltd Speaker: Duncan Parkes, Old Mill Financial Planning LLP Speaker: Ruth Sturkey, Athena House Speaker: Sharon Sutton, Thornton Chartered Financial Chairperson: Mark MacLean, HarperLees

16:10 - 16:55 Panel Debate - Game Over for DB Transfer Advice?

Practitioner panel debate chaired by Paul Lothian.

Speaker: Fiona Tait, Intelligent Pensions Ltd, 2/2 Cadel Speaker: John Reynolds, Police Station Speaker: Paul Lothian, Verus Wealth Chartered FP Speaker: Rory Percival, 23 College Road Chairperson: Mark MacLean, HarperLees

10:45 - 11:20 Professional Qualifications - Route to Chartered

The session will be primarily focused on individuals who are level 4 qualified currently and have just started or thinking about starting their chartered journey. I will focus on quick wins and straight to the point facts and relieve some of the myths that are out there.

  • The clearest route to Chartered Financial Planner
  • When to start work and recommended actions
  • They key to successful study
  • Where to find structured support
  • The real benefits to chartered

Speaker: Dean Scott, L&D Digital Chairperson: James Cole, Talis IFA

11:55 - 12:30 The ideal first meeting is all about value rather than cost - Future proof your 1st meeting

  • how you prepare clients for a first meeting; 
  • what a first meeting process looks like; 
  • what is a successful outcome for a first meeting; and
  • what happens next.

Speaker: Damien Rylett, The Shot Tower Chairperson: Alan Sensicall, ADS Financial Planning

12:40 - 13:30 Mind Over Mountains: futureproofing our mental health

Mental ill health is on the rise. Workplace stress, attitudes and culture play a major role in the problem - what price would you pay to insure your mental health? And what happens if we don’t? In this talk, Alex will talk about his journey to date and how he overcame epilepsy, stammering, bullying, depression, anxiety and an eating disorder to make two attempts at climbing Mount Everest and achieve above adversity. We’ll also look at the causes, what is meant by ‘mental health’, and dispel three common myths about mental ill health. Alex will share practical small steps, from the Himalayas and back home, that we can all take to maintain positive mental health and spot the early signs of trouble.

1) Understand what is meant by ‘mental health’ and the continuum.
2) Explain the causes and cultural drivers of poor mental health at work and have greater insight into their own enablers and disablers.
3) Dispel three common myths around mental health at work and their consequences.
4) Learn how to maintain positive mental health and identify the early signs of poor mental health in yourself and others.

Speaker: Alex Staniforth, Chairperson: Alan Sensicall, ADS Financial Planning

14:40 - 15:15 Proudly Professional or Playing at Planning?  Which one are you?

  • Creating greater professionalism
  • Gaining client trust and confidence
  • FCA ‘happier’
  • The benefits of being proudly professional

Speaker: Julie Lord, Magenta Financial Planning Chairperson: Alan Sensicall, ADS Financial Planning

15:25 - 16:00 Ultimate Futureproofing: In the war against environmental Armageddon, leave no investor behind

This session sets out how and why investors are increasingly focused on environmental risks and opportunities, how to recognise funds that are ‘part of the solution’ – and how to meet the often diverse needs of clients who are, or should be, interested in more sustainable, responsible and ethical investments.

  • Recognise the key drivers, including regulatory changes*, that are leading investors to pay closer attention to environmental issues - in particular climate change.
  • Understand the different stock selection and asset management strategies that fund managers employ to help reduce environmental (& ESG) risk and seek out investment opportunities.
  • An introduction to the Fund EcoMarket** fund tool that brings SRI fund strategy information together so that you can match fund options to client objectives. 

Speaker: Julia Dreblow, SRI Services Chairperson: Alan Sensicall, ADS Financial Planning

16:10 - 16:45 Designing your business exit – a key part of your strategic planning

Considering how you want to exit your business is an essential part of your strategic planning, whether you are 15 years out, or looking to make a move in the next 5 years. Understanding the acquisition market, having clarity about what makes a financial planning business attractive to buyers and understanding what preparation you will need to do - are all important factors within your decision-making.

Within this session we will cover;

  • What does the buyer market look like, and what sort of buyer fits with the values of you and your company?
  • What can you expect from your buyer in terms of offer, payment terms & ongoing commitments?
  • What are the current valuation trends in the market?
  • Preparing your business for sale. What enhancements to your business model should you consider that could make your business more attractive to buyers?

Speaker: Louise Jeffreys, Gunner & Co Chairperson: Alan Sensicall, ADS Financial Planning


CPD CII Scheme
PFS Accredited 0h 40min

This event has been accredited by the Personal Finance Society and the CII and can be included as part of your CII CPD requirement should you consider it relevant to your professional development needs.


Keith Richards

Personal Finance Society

Matthew Griffin

311 Institute

Claer Barrett

James Baxter

Tideway Investment Partners

Claer Barrett

Rory Percival

23 College Road

Claer Barrett

Debbie Gupta


Claer Barrett

John Woolley

Claer Barrett

Sir Steve Webb

Royal London

Claer Barrett

Claer Barrett

Marta Gellová

Tony Wickendem

Techlink Professional

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Martin Lines


Paul Nash

Fidelity International

Hazel Bowen


Richard Kateley

Legal & General

Dennis Reed

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ICC Birmingham

8 Centenary Square
West Midlands
B1 2EA


Click on the ‘Book Now’ button above. Once you have logged into your PFS account you will be taken to the booking pages for this conference.

We have an allocation of bedrooms on hold at a number of 4 and 3-star hotels within walking distance of the ICC Birmingham. To book your accommodation please click the following link: https://tfigroup.eventsair.com/pfs-futureproof-2019/accommodation
You will also find useful information on this site like the distance to the venue. We recommend you book your accommodation by 22nd August 2019. After this date, any unsold rooms will revert for sale to the general public and availability and rates will not be guaranteed.

PFS Members can attend free of charge - non members will be charged a fee of £199.00 inc VAT to attend the event.

Yes - however you must do so in writing to registration.nationals@pfsevents.org.

NB: If members cancel their place after 11:59pm on 14th November 2019 you will be charged a £50.00 non attendance fee.

Non members will receive a full refund, minus a £20.00 administration fee if they cancel their place prior to 11:59pm on 14th November 2019. After this time no refunds will be given.

Substitutions can be made at any time.


The dress code is business attire.

It could be that you have entered your email address incorrectly or that you have switched to a new email address, or that for some technical reason your registration failed. Please contact the Personal Finance Society Conference office and we can check your records.

At the present we are not able to automatically upload the CPD records, but we hope to be able to offer that service in the near future.

Please also note that you MUST sign in at the Conference for all sessions you attend in order for the Conference Office to validate your attendance.

You will be able to download your CPD Certificate from the PFS website after the event, and will receive an email with the link once we have recorded your attendance online. Although we do our best to do this as soon as possible after a conference, in some circumstances this may take a few days. If you are not able to download your CPD Certificate after 7 working days please email registration.nationals@pfsevents.org to clarify this.

For general information and links about the CPD process, please click here.

To log-in and view your CPD records, please click here.

If you have any further queries about CPD, please contact the Personal Finance Society /CII on 02078085616

We will do our best to accommodate all special and/or dietary requirements. You can make us aware of this as part of the registration process, or update your Event Profile on the PFS website (click on My Events to login and then edit your requirements on your Event Profile).

Please email the Conference Office at registration.nationals@pfsevents.org after the Conference and we will send you all the post event literature.