Exeter and North Devon Summer Conference

Insightful sessions, invaluable networking opportunity and CPD! 

We've taken member feedback on board and are making some exciting changes to our regional conferences during 2023. Here’s just a selection of comments from members who have attended the Spring Local Conferences:  

  • a fantastic speaker who was very engaging 
  • very good insight into the future investment markets 
  • excellent presentation and delivery. Some great material and content, particularly the client case studies 
  • really interesting information about this area of the market. Definitely an under-researched topic area.

We are offering a friendlier feel with a more engaging approach, together with a real sense that this is your community of good practice. A highlight of the Summer series promises to be a deep dive into tax planning by way of a detailed case study.  

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During the event you will experience a day of topical and insightful business updates which all contribute to your CPD. At the heart of this will be presentations delivered by a number of leading subject matter experts. The conference offers a great opportunity for networking and sharing good practice with your peers, local to where you live and/or work. 

Throughout the day your local PFS regional committee will provide updates on new developments and initiatives from across the Personal Finance Society, helping you stay informed about the benefits of membership and to take away information which may benefit colleagues and others in your practice/firm.  

A detailed agenda will be available approximately six weeks before the start of each round of events.Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Delegates will be eligible to claim over 3 hours of CPD. Please note the agenda is provisional and may be subject to change. 

As a PFS member, you are permitted to attend one event in each series free of charge at your preferred location.  If you would like to attend more than one and take the opportunity to be a partner, please contact our Partnerships Team for more information.  

Non-members are welcome to attend their first event free of charge.  After this, we will contact you about joining the PFS to be able to access further events and services. If you have any queries, please contact the events team at regionals@thepfs.org


08:45 - 09:30 Registration

09:30 - 09:35 Chair Introduction

09:35 - 09:50 Word Cloud Activity

09:50 - 10:25 Is your CIP fit for duty?

Are you still comfortable with your existing CIP, or is Consumer Duty forcing you to reconsider? Evelyn Partners would like to share their thoughts on why they believe advisers should consider closed ended funds within a model portfolio and why your proposition should (for some clients) move beyond a traditional basket of collectives.

Learning outcomes

  • To reinforce understanding and awareness of consumer duty with a focus on investment management.
  • To examine whether investment decisions previously made are still fit for new investors.
  • To learn more about closed ended funds and how they can be incorporated with a model portfolio.

Our active range of model portfolios offers something different to the traditional basket of collective and so with the advent of consumer duty and the focus around propositions, pricing, value for money our content is both timely and interesting from a learning perspective.

Speaker: Adrian Lowcock, Evelyn Partners

10:25 - 11:00 Property wealth in later life planning 

Overview of Later Life Lending market, examining why clients chose to release equity from their homes. We’ll delve into our mass affluent research, and will discuss Consumer Duty and the importance of product innovation.

Learning objectives:

  1. To learn more about the lifetime mortgages market, and whay clients chose to release equity from their home 

  1. To find out more about how they could potentially benefit your clients 

  1. To learn how consumer duty is impacting the later life lending market? 

Speaker: Sanjay Gadhia, Standard Life Home Finance

11:00 - 11:05 Professional Qualifications Officer

11:05 - 11:25 Conversations Over Coffee

Refuel and build up your professional network

11:25 - 11:30 Chartered Champion

11:30 - 12:05 Topical tax planning for blended families

It is more and more common to have clients who have remarried and have children from a former marriage/relationship. How should such clients approach planning with a family home, their pension and investments? This session will look at the options and implications of different planning routes and consider how to maximise tax efficiency within those structures.

  • To look at  the opportunities for post-death inheritance tax planning
  • To consider the general financial planning issues for people in second marriages with children from a first marriage
  • To look at specific planning issues for such people in relation to investments, houses and pensions, and
  • To consider the current landscape for lifetime inheritance tax planning that secures the financial position of a surviving spouse/partner

Speaker: Nick Edwards, Trust Support Services Ltd

12:05 - 12:40 Is your planning toolkit #readyforRishi #readyforSirKier #readyforSirEd

The Chancellors’ Autumn Statement has brought about tax changes for us all, especially your high net worth clients. With changes to Capital Gains Tax, dividend tax changes, frozen or reduced thresholds and allowances, etc., it all adds up to a greater tax burden. To combat this, we need to get creative, and take advantage of the governments' generous incentives in meeting client's needs. That means upgrading your toolkit and looking at alternative investment solutions like VCT and EIS as complementary tools. In this presentation we will review the changes in the budget through a client lens, and address the challenge of long term pension planning with ever changing pension rules. We will bring this to life by looking at a typical personal savings journey from 1990. Lastly, we will explore the financial planning solutions that could be used to manage some of these changes and the minimise the impact on your clients.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the main budget changes and potential impact on your clients.
  • Identify advice opportunities for clients effected by legislation and budget changes.
  • Articulate solutions that can be used with clients these clients and the tangible impact these can have.
  • Understand how you can satisfy your Consumer Duty obligations through tax planning conversation.

Speaker: Martin McDermott, Octopus Investments

12:40 - 12:45 Education Outreach Ambassador

12:45 - 13:25 Lunch and Learn

Grab yourself some lunch whilst speaking with our subject matter experts

13:25 - 13:40 Word Cloud Activity

13:40 - 13:45 Membership Officer

13:45 - 14:20 The 10 Factors That Can Make or Break Your Valuation

Valuation is a critical aspect of any business exit and the one that owners are often most interested in. Understanding the factors that will influence a firm’s value is essential for owners, particularly those planning their exit, whether selling to an external buyer, or transferring to an internal team or family. It’s also critical knowledge for those aspiring or seasoned individuals looking to buy out or buy in. Whether you are a business owner planning to exit or looking to build your business through acquiring other firms, this webinar is a must-attend. Join us to gain valuable insights into the factors that can make or break your valuation and learn how to prepare your firm for success.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the key factors that contribute to the valuation of your financial advice firm: Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of the various factors that impact the value of their business, enabling them to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to enhance their firm's valuation.
  • Learn strategies to maximise business value before exiting: Attendees will learn practical strategies and best practices to increase the value of their financial advice business before considering an exit. This includes optimising financial performance, strengthening client relationships, and developing a scalable and sustainable business model.
  • Identify potential pitfalls that can negatively impact valuation: By exploring common pitfalls and challenges faced by financial advice businesses during the valuation process, you will be equipped to identify and address potential issues that could negatively impact their business's value. They will gain insights into areas such as regulatory compliance, client retention, and operational efficiency.
  • Gain knowledge on valuation methodologies and approaches: This session will provide participants with an overview of the various methodologies and approaches used to determine the value of a financial advice business. By understanding these valuation techniques, attendees will be better prepared to navigate the valuation process, negotiate effectively, and assess the credibility of valuation reports.
  • Develop an actionable plan for a successful exit or acquisition: Participants will leave the session with a clear roadmap and actionable steps to prepare their financial advice business for a successful exit or acquisition. They will learn how to align their strategic objectives with the valuation process, establish realistic timelines, assemble a qualified team of professionals, and execute a well-planned transition that maximises value.

Speaker: Brian Hill MSc DipFA DBAII CEPA, The Exit Partnership

14:20 - 14:25 Chairs Close


CPD CII Scheme
PFS Accredited 3h 25min

This event has been accredited by the Personal Finance Society and the CII and can be included as part of your CII CPD requirement should you consider it relevant to your professional development needs.


Adrian Lowcock

Evelyn Partners

Sanjay Gadhia

Standard Life Home Finance

Nick Edwards

Trust Support Services Ltd

Martin McDermott

Octopus Investments


The Exit Partnership


Holiday Inn Taunton

Deane Gate Ave

Partners in professionalism


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