Central Scotland Regional Conference Q2 2019

Technology, Lizards and value lessons from Lego


Your quarter two regional CPD conference will see leading subject matter specialists deliver a broad and topical programme, including:

  • Technology and e-Adviser – Proven benefits of technology in the advice process;
  • Pension Death Benefits taxation – Recent changes and how you can add value for professional connections;
  • IHT planning - Unravelling complexities following the Office of Tax Simplification review;
  • Value investing – The right questions and how Lego has provided answers over the years;
  • Caging the Lizard – Building blocks for retirement and helping clients make better decisions;  
  • Around the World in 40 Minutes - Market opportunities and specific portfolio actions to help navigate through uncertain times.


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Attendance at all PFS events qualifies for structured CPD and provides the opportunity to share good practice with your peers. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.


08:45 - 09:30 Delegate Registration

09:30 - 09:40 Chair's Introduction

Chairperson: Alison Tilzey, Chartered Insurance Institute

09:40 - 10:15 Around the World in 40 Minutes

Last year, we said that we believe we are now moving into “late cycle dynamics.”  This year our presentation will seek to build on this on this view and take us on a journey around the world, starting with the world’s largest economy, the US, we’ll have a look at “the state of the nation” and consider how far this economy has come and where they are in the business cycle. We’ll then look to take a trip into Europe, China and the emerging markets, before setting our sights on home as we consider the outlook for the UK.  We will close by considering some actions we can take in portfolios to help navigate through uncertain times ahead.

By the end of this session you will:

  • Be able to describe the opportunities that each economy offers an investor
  • Understand where each of those economies sits in the economic cycle
  • Consider the role that an unconstrained approach can play in a diversified portfolio.

Speaker: Paul Pugh, Legal & General Investment Management

10:15 - 10:50 Gaining an investment advantage – The psychology of value

In this presentation Schroders will examine how successful Value investing relies on asking the right questions and how Lego has provided some answers over the years. We’ll include some tips from parenting that have underpinned the long-term outperformance through history of Value as an investment style and the distinct investor psychology that is required to exploit these successfully on an ongoing basis. We’ll also explore the importance of probabilities for Value investors and illustrate some relevant psychological theory through some interactive demonstration during the presentation. Whether you are a committed Value investor or agnostic when it comes to investment, we believe you owe it to your clients to enable them to access the potential for significant Value upside, simply on the basis of mean reversion.

This presentation is designed to aid your understanding of:

  • The psychology of asking the right Value questions
  • Why probabilities are so important to Value investors
  • Why Value is an important theme in markets now.

Speaker: Ross MacKinnon, Schroders

10:50 - 10:55 Professional Qualifications Officer

10:55 - 11:20 Morning break

11:20 - 11:25 Chartered Champion

11:25 - 12:00 Caging the Lizard – Helping clients to make better retirement decisions

We all think we make good decisions. We think humans think like computers, crunching and analysing data and reaching sound conclusions. In reality, the rational brain is constantly fighting against a mass of evolutionary history. At its core, the brain stem is basically a lizard. It is old, instinctive and only cares about survival – fight or flight. The problem is that the lizard is a dinosaur, not prepared for the 21st century. Most information does not require fight or flight decisions - but the lizard responds anyway! We can subdue the lizard, but it takes its toll. Fight or flight is disastrous for long term planning. To shield our client’s retirement plans from the lizard, we need a process we can rely on. Then we can focus on the long term and not get confused by short term noise. 7IM will share adviser research which shows how the development of CRPs is gathering speed and evolving. We will look at the different approaches and key variables to consider with CRPs, as well as the opportunities.

  • Understand the psychology behind human decision making
  • Understand what can happen when we have too much information
  • Understand the regulatory and client service need for a Centralised Retirement Proposition
  • Understand the mathematical and scientific theory behind calculating optimal income for retirees in decumulation.

Speaker: Tim Coverdale, Aberdeen Standard Capital

12:00 - 12:35 Pension Death Benefits – Facts and Planning

The changes to death benefits have had a fundamental impact on advisers, their clients and also the beneficiaries of clients. However, there has also been an impact on their professional connections especially solicitors who are involved in estate planning. This seminar will briefly mention the law and some of the areas which are causing problems for advisers, but it will also consider where advisers can add value to their professional connections by explaining areas where pensions legislation may interact with other areas of the law. The session will focus on four main areas of the difference between the law and schemes; taxation of death benefits; IHT and the potential impact; and when it might be useful to use a trust for pension death benefits. This session will consider the facts but also the planning that needs to be considered if your client wants to pass on their death benefits.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify what death benefit choices are available
  • Explain the taxation of death benefits
  • Understand the impact of IHT on death benefits
  • Describe spousal bypass trusts and how they work.

Speaker: Justin Corliss, Royal London

12:35 - 13:10 How technology is giving advisers, time, efficiency and growing revenues

What is the key driver in firms adopting technology? Keeping up with the times? Appearing modern and relevant to clients? Or realising improved business metrics? Our recently launched eAdviser Index evidences the benefits of technology in the advice process using data from one third of the UK financial advice industry. Find out how technology can drive fundamental change in your business.

  • Appreciate the results that technology is helping advice firms to realise
  • Recognise how advice firms are using the technology available in the market to drive efficiency through their advice processes
  • Identify what technology can deliver in your business.

Speaker: Steven Rees, Intelliflo

13:10 - 13:15 Membership Officer

13:15 - 13:55 Lunch

13:55 - 14:30 IHT Planning: Keeping it Simple

The Office of Tax Simplification is currently carrying out a review of Inheritance Tax, commissioned by the Chancellor. This session will consider the published findings and recommendations of the review and will then consider the outlook for IHT planning opportunities in 2019 and beyond.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Explain the key recommendations made in the first IHT report by the OTS
  • Consider the outlook for IHT planning in light of the OTS review
  • Unravel some of the existing complexities in IHT legislation
  • Identify and compare ‘tried and tested’ IHT solutions
  • Appreciate how Business Relief can offer unique mitigation opportunities.

Speaker: Campbell Rayner, TIME Investments

14:30 - 15:10 Protection session

With the implementation of the IDD and the Senior Managers Regime due to be rolled out later this year, this session will provide an overview of the final IDD rules as relevant to individual protection, including compulsory training, market awareness, conduct of business and acting in your customers best interests. It will also explore the need to improve access to insurance for consumers with disabilities and pre-existing health conditions, and the steps that intermediaries can take to achieve this as well as improve outcomes. We will look ahead to the Senior Managers Regime and its requirements coming later this year. We are today in many cases triaging the customer out of the sales process - Why?...we will look at the consequence of not putting protection in place, the current application process and clients with pre-existing health conditions. Finally, his session will provide an overview of using price as the primary differentiator - what this drives and what it means for customer journeys and outcomes.

By the end of session event delegates will have gained an insight into:

  • IDD and it’s “Acting in the customers best interests” principle, plus an awareness of the Senior Managers Regime and its requirements
  • The IDD principle - an implied "duty of care", to aid clients better access insurance
  • Focus on delivering the best customer outcomes and what this means for the future of underwriting and improving access to insurance.

Speaker: Graeme Martin, Scottish Widows

15:10 - 15:15 Chair's Close


CPD CII Scheme
PFS Accredited 4h 10min

This event has been accredited by the Personal Finance Society and the CII and can be included as part of your CII CPD requirement should you consider it relevant to your professional development needs.


Alison Tilzey

Chartered Insurance Institute

Paul Pugh

Legal & General Investment Management

Ross MacKinnon


Tim Coverdale

Seven Investment Management

Justin Corliss

Royal London

Steven Rees


Campbell Rayner

TIME Investments

Graeme Martin

Scottish Widows


Crowne Plaza Glasgow

Congress Rd
Central Scotland
G3 8QT

Partners in professionalism


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